Transforming the Rapid Test Market

Our ground breaking suite of mobile software applications allow for the quantification of rapid diagnostic test strips using any Android tablet.

Mobile Assay’s Lab-on-Mobile-Device platform is transforming how rapid diagnostic tests are used and how the results are visualized. We have developed tablet and mobile device software designed for highly sensitive analysis and quantification of inexpensive rapid diagnostic test strips.

Our software is compatible on Android devices to allow Smartphone imaging of rapid diagnostic tests.  The instantaneous analysis and results are then sent to the cloud for storage and integration into data visualization modules.

Mobile Rapid Diagnostic Test Reader

Our software is compatible with Android, Apple and Windows platforms. It provides quantifiable results with enhanced sensitivity down to 1 ppb (depending on the analyte) which has the capability of transforming ordinary qualitative lateral flow rapid tests into highly sensitive diagnostic tools that rival laboratory-grade equipment in sensitivity and precision.

Mobile Assay Cloud

The Mobile Assay Cloud offers a secure way of storing and analyzing test data.  Test results from our mobile application are synced to the cloud automatically. It is easy to preform in-depth analyitics, track tests in real time and create internal and external compliance reports.