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Mobile Assay empowers smallholder farmers in Africa

using smartphones and smart diagnostics

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The future of diagnostics:


Mobile Assay's transformative technology for rapid diagnostic testing
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Using technology to test food safety - from farm to fork

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Gates GCE Grant is awarded to Mobile Assay to help farmers detect toxic molds in seed and grain

using smart phones and smart diagnostics

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Data visualization and analysis

Mobile Assay's integrated and scalable big data storage and analysis solution

Rapid Testing

We have validated rapid diagnostic tests for the following tests: Aflatoxin, Fumonisin, Filariasis, Onchocerciasis, Schistosomiasis and Malaria among others.

Smartphone or Tablet

Multiple mobile platforms.
We currently support the following Android Smartphones and Tablets:
Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy 4, Blu R1HD, Asus Zen Laser II, HTC Desire Eye
Amazon Fire 7″ (2015), Asus MemoPad 8HD

The Cloud

In-depth cloud based analysis and storage

Mobile Diagnostic Reader (mReader™)

Mobile Assay has developed smartphone, tablet, and mobile device software designed for analytical laboratory-grade quantification of inexpensive rapid diagnostic test strips. Our software operates on Android platforms and provides low-cost, fast, accurate, easy-to-use and secure results of 1000s of standardized FDA and USDA-approved chemical/biological tests.

Mobile Diagnostic Cloud

Once results are received from a test they can be uploaded to the Mobile Assay Cloud with the push of a button. The data collected from the test is geo-tagged and time stamped. Additional meta-data can be included for further analysis, tracking, and informatics.

In-Depth Analytics
Compliance and Reporting
Trending and Outliers
Accessible from anywhere in the world

How it works

Watch this quick video overview on our mobile diagnostic reader in action

  • Sample and Apply

    Collect a sample and perform rapid analysis normally using an inexpensive, commercially available lateral flow test strip.

  • Capture Test Image

    Take an image of the test bands of the strip using Mobile Assay’s Reader on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Instant Results

    Instantly get back quantitative or qualitative results from your test.

  • Store and Analyze

    The results can be securely uploaded to Mobile Assay’s Cloud server with a push of a button for further analysis and storage.