Below is a short history of our company.

  • July 2013: Commercialization Begins

    Mobile Assay releases a commercialized version of product with enhanced reading algorithms and cloud storage capability and signs up our first partners.

  • 2012: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Mobile Assay is awarded a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a low-cost, highly sensitive smartphone-based platform that employs phone cameras to image and amplify signals from immunoassays to detect Botrytis and aflatoxin infection in seeds or soil.


    After bringing on Bryan Callahan for mobile software development, the paper’s initial idea is reconstructed to a stand-alone, functional prototype.

  • SEPT 2010: Papers Published and Patent Applied

    Dr. Cooper publishes paper on a method called Quantitative Ratiometric Pixel Density Analysis (QRPDA) and Mobile Image Ratiometry (MIR) which allows mobile smart phone technology to quantify and increase the sensitivity of immunochromatographic lateral flow tests.

  • 2010: Beginning of the road

    The science behind Mobile Assay was conceived at the University of Colorado, Boulder by Dr. Don Cooper an associate professor at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics.