Mobile Image Ratiometry for the Detection of Botrytis cinerea (Gray Mold)

nature precedings Authors: Donald C. Cooper 1,2 Attribution: 3.0 2012 Nature Precedings ABSTRACT Mobile Platform Informatics (MPI) and Smartphone Informatics (SPI) methods like Mobile Image Ratiometry (MIR) are potentially transformative point-of-use instantaneous analysis tools that are useful across a variety of industries. In agriculture, MIR-compatible immuno test strips allow early detection of a number of […]

Mobile Image Ratiometry

Mobile Image Ratiometry: A New Method for Instantaneous Analysis of Rapid Test Strips nature precedings Authors: Donald C. Cooper 1,2, Bryan Callahan 2, Phil Callahan 2 Journal: Nature Precedings Citation: Nature Precedings : doi:10.1038/npre.2012.6827. Institute for Behavioral Genetics. Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado, Boulder. 1480 30th St. Boulder, CO 80303. Correspondence author […]