Mobile Assay’s Lab-on-Mobile-Device platform and Cloud are powerful and customizable Smartphone diagnostic tools for use with any Rapid Diagnostic Test or colorimetric assay. Mobile Assay’s automated mReader™ imaging system transforms ordinary qualitative (positive/negative) tests into highly sensitive quantitative tests.  Not only does mReader™ give a quantitative result, but it can be customized for each client’s unique specifications, including custom branding, validation, user authentication, tracking and alerting.  The mReader™ adds value to current diagnostic applications and services and can be applied across a broad range diagnostic markets.

Validated tests

Together with our partners we have validated a number of rapid tests for use with mReader™.  Some of these are:

Reveal Q+ Aflatoxin, Fumonisin, DON (Neogen Corporation)

Malaria Ag P.f/Pan (Allere SD BIOLINE )

Lymphatic Filariasis (Allere SD BIOLINE)

Onchocerciasis (Allere SD BIOLINE)

Schistosomiasis (Rapid Medical Diagnostics)


U.S. crop losses due to pathogens cost producers $33 billion a year. Quickly diagnosing diseases in crops can prevent these devastating losses, and with Mobile Assay’s platform there is now a cost-effective and accurate way. In the field, our Mobile Diagnostic Reader can detect pathogens early and collect invaluable quantitative and geographic data.


In the healthcare sector today, point-of-care diagnostics are lowering costs, shortening time to diagnoses, and improving patient outcomes. Mobile Assay’s quantitative reader is a versatile tool for the diagnostic requirements of physicians, nurses, and other medical staff in their efforts to provide cost effective, evidence based care. There are hundreds of common Rapid Diagnostic Tests used in health care diagnostics for tropical diseases, like malaria and parasitic infections, like schistosomiasis and for monitoring chronic conditions.  Our platform can be used bedside or as a replacement for laboratory stand-alone readers.  Our platform is compatible with any format of two and three line lateral flow tests and a comprehensive solution for all your medical diagnostic needs.

Food Safety

There are 76 million cases of food borne illness annually in the U.S. alone. Recent large-scale outbreaks that have resulted in hospitalizations and in some cases deaths underscore further the importance of diagnostics in the food safety sector. Mobile Assays mobile diagnostic products are powerful tools for combating contamination of foods from milk to peanut butter. At every level of production from processing to packaging our rapid diagnostic testing platform can be used to assure pathogen free food. Because of the low cost of performing diagnostics with our reader, tests can be coordinated and performed on multiple smaller batches of product pinpointing sources of contamination, reducing losses, and giving producers quality data to help prevent outbreaks in the future.

Animal Health

As with human health, Rapid Diagnostic Tests are used extensively in veterinary medicine and animal safety. Mobile Assay offers a unique solution to food animal producers, both large and small animal veterinarians, as well as individual pet owners. Food animal producers face many challenges when it comes to maintaining the health and safety of their livestock. Contaminants in feed and water, communicable diseases, and other herd management issues hurt producers’ bottom lines, but Mobile Assay has a solution. Our Lateral Flow Test Strip Platform can addresses these issues. Diagnostics can be performed on site in a matter of minutes so any suspected disease or contamination event can be identified and confirmed early for swift intervention. But, our platform is not just for large-scale producers; even small veterinary clinics and consumers with companion animals will benefit from Mobile Assay’s innovative approach to diagnostics. Pets are often affected by diseases and conditions similar to those of humans, and our mobile reader allows for rapid, accurate, and cost effective diagnoses. Mobile Assay’s transformative technologies simplify and improve the veterinary diagnostics from cattle to cats.

Environmental Testing

Environmental contaminants and pathogens can affect everything from drinking water to wildlife reproduction. Assessing water or soil quality is the first step in formulating a plan for environmental clean up. Multiple Rapid Diagnostic Test Strips exist for measuring microorganisms, heavy metals, and chemical pollutants. Our mobile software allows for rapid quantification of these tests, as well as geo-tagging, and time stamping in order to create a map and timeline of the contamination or disease.

Corn Field

Thousands of corn / maize crops around the world would benefit from faster, cheaper testing methods.

Aflatoxin-producing Aspergillus grown on agar plate.

Aflatoxin-producing Aspergillus grown on agar plate.

Filariasis testing in Haiti with CDC and Task Force for Global Health.

Filariasis testing in Haiti with CDC and Task Force for Global Health.


Livestock data could be gathered, logged, and stored for BIG Data analysis.