The Next Generation of Diagnostic Readers

Mobile Diagnostic Rapid Test Reader ( mReader )

Mobile Assay’s Lab-on-Mobile-Device innovative platform transforms how rapid diagnostic tests are stored and tracked. The mReader mobile device software is designed for highly sensitive real-time analysis and quantification of inexpensive rapid diagnostic test strips at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

The mReader application allows qualitative rapid diagnostic test strips to be rapidly quantified.  In addition, the Lab-on-Mobile-Device platform interface and software is easy to use.The mReader application can be configured to read any lateral flow test strip. If a test can be run on a lateral flow test strip the results may be quantified.

Lightning Fast

Get back instant quantitative or qualitative test results

Secure Data

Our software uses state of the art security for data transmission and storage

Standardized Platforms

Runs on devices using Apple, Android and Windows platforms

Easy to Use

Our platform is extremely easy to use and can be learned in 5 minutes

Lab-Grade Accuracy

Accurate signal detection below what can be observed by the human eye.

Stand Alone

There is no need to have network connectivity while testing in remote areas. Once the software is calibrated it reports quantitative results for each test.

Demo Reel

New Blu R1HD phone now supported!

  • Hands free automated image acquisition.

    This allows users to focus on running multiple tests at once without having to think about image acquisition.

  • Image acquisition rate up to 1 f/s

    Monitoring the test from the precise moment the sample is applied until it is finished developing assures the results are accurate and reproducible.

  • Auto white balance and camera calibration.

    To give reliable results in multiple ambient lighting conditions we use built-in advanced light level compensation and camera linearity.


Better than The Naked Eye (BTNE)

The mReader application has laboratory-grade accuracy and has been tested to be more accurate than the human eye in quantifying results from strips. Sensitivity in validated Rapid Diagnostic Tests typically show a 10-100 fold increase in sensitivity. The mReader application allows quantification and accurate signal detection below what can be observed by the human eye.

How many bands do you see below?

lateral flow test strips


Our software works with virtually any rapid diagnostic test, lateral flow test strip or color metric strip. If it something can be tested using one of these mediums then we can give quantifiable results.

rapid diagnostic strips

Standard Platforms

Our software runs on the Android Platform – Tablets and Phones. These companies spend millions of dollars each year creating better and faster platforms to run our software on. There is no need for expensive proprietary hardware anymore for diagnostic testing.