Image_analysisLab-on-Mobile-Device Platform

Mobile Assay’s universal Lab-on Mobile-Device (LMD) platform is capable of transforming a wide variety of mobile smart devices that run on the iOS or Android operating systems into highly sensitive diagnostic tools for the analysis of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs). Our LMD platform employs Mobile Image Ratiometry, or MIR, which is an image analysis algorithm that converts the analog visual signals of an RDT into a normalized and calibrated digital signal that is validated and stored in Mobile Assay’s secure cloud.


Mobile Assay’s customizable product and services offer a comprehensive solution for all your diagnostic needs. MIRROR™ is a versatile quantitative RDT reader application for android and iOs smartphones. Whether your concern is food safety, animal safety, or point-of-care diagnostics for health, MIRROR™ will give you results as accurate as a stand-alone reader at a fraction of the cost and with all the flexibility and advanced features of our Lab on Mobile Device platform. For even greater control over your diagnostic process, MIRROR™ integrates seamlessly with LENS™, our cloud to mobile management software. With LENS™, review chain of custody, evaluate data from multiple MIRROR™ in a simple graphical format, receive notification of new diagnostic results instantly, and communicate quickly and securely with any MIRROR™ in your network.

MIRROR™ Technology

Mobile Image Ratiometric Realtime Optical Reader

MIRROR™ is an Intuitive and elegant solution for even the most complex and diverse diagnostic needs. Compatible with X RDTs, MIRROR™ provides lab-precision, quantitative results and is a simple yet powerful tool for m-diagnostics data collection and management.

LENS™ Technology

Linked Evaluation, Notification, and Supervision

The LENS™ system is Mobile Assay’s customizable management software. LENS™ integrates with multiple MIRRORS™ to create a secure but dynamic network for businesses performing large batch diagnostics, those running diagnostics in multiple locations, or for companies seeking better access to their diagnostic data for improved decision-making.